Stylish & creative weddings & events don’t just happen, they are planned.


Poema’s priority and belief is that every wedding is an incomparable Personal event with unique and different needs. 

At PWE we are motivated to go beyond what’s expected. Our Pros dream BIG… That is why our inspiration is unrivalled and unlimited!

If you are anything like us, there are more than a few bullet points on your dream event ‘must-have’ list.  At PWE our passion lies within the details and the smiles that are created by them.

Our dream is to guide you through the realization of your wishes and translate them into unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones.... this is ‘Poema’…!

Your vision and style are our inspiration!

Stylish & creative weddings & events don’t just happen,
they are planned.

Poema Philossophy

It is your event, it should be unique and the Poema Team will help you make it so!

Let your story begin with a promise for the future.
Offering the finest service in event planning, we will make sure the wedding of your dreams will be as breathtaking as the ultimate setting of Greece.

The Poema Team inspires once-in-a-lifetime romantic memories, offering the perfect planning for your celebration in the company of family and friends. Let us collaborate with you to weave your very personal tale of romance into an artful wedding masterpiece that captures your every desire.

We find delight in creating effortless, artistic, celebrations inspired by your heritage, memories, and future.

We have a heart set for beautiful weddings & events, and it is our job to create meaningful celebrations that leave our clients and their guests speechless.

Our full service studio offers event production, design, styling and consulting from A to Z.

Poema’s wide variety of venue suggestions, wedding destinations, commitment to detail service, philosophy, and culinary excellence will provide you with a memorable event experience. Our wedding & event planners will work with you in every step of the way to plan your perfect day.

Our design process is rooted in a passion to balance intentionality and natural beauty with a dash of playfulness.