Menhdi Event at Cavo Ventus Luxury Villa - Hindu Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception at Theros Wave Bar


Our couple Ashesh & Nika dreamed to plan their traditional Hindu Wedding Events in Santorini Greece.

The couple travelled from New York while more than 100 guests travelled from all around the world to attend their stunning wedding events.

It was a beautiful and spectacular hindu wedding event where couple and guests experienced 2 different days of events that they will remember for years to come.

Their wedding events started with the traditional pre-wedding ritual of Menhdi (Mehendi) event at their outstanding luxury private villa 'Cavo Ventus' located at the South part of the island at the traditional village Akrotiri.

Indian food were specifically made for first time on the island upon our request, willing always to fullfil the desires and dreams of our couple. Magnificent traditional Hindu attires, colorful decorations, super fun-wedding games, dancing choreographies from bridesmaids, bride & guests were just a few of the noticeable parts of this wonderful day.

Their traditional Hindu Ceremony started with the Groom’s Barat one of the most fun filled traditions in the entire wedding ceremony. The procession of the Groom to the wedding venue was attended by all relatives and friends from groom’s side as well as a dhol player. The groom wore an impressive turban and around his neck he had a flower garland. This was a very colorful and grand Indian pre-wedding ceremony.

The Barat ceremony was followed by the Vidhi/Milni ceremony.
The Hindi word ‘Milan’ is derived from a Sanskrit expression meaning “a coming together”, giving the Milni Ceremony its definition as a unification of the two families. This tradition occurs in both Hindu and Sikh weddings before the start of the marriage rituals. After the Groom makes his way through the Baraat procession, the Bride’s closest relatives welcome him by sprinkling rose water and offering Shagun, a token of good luck.
The significance of the Milni Ceremony is exemplified during the meeting of the two fathers in each respective family, showcasing the acceptance of the marriage and the bond that the families have created.

Their Mandap was impressive & colorful and it involved both family's participation. There were many different traditional elements including offerings to the gods, promises made between the parents to care for each other’s child. It was a beautiful meeting of families, traditions and cultures.

Their reception was held at the beautiful beach venue 'Theros Wave Bar' where after a feast of traditional Indian food they danced the night away under the stars.

Grandeur, colors and fun are seamlessly blended with culture and heritage in Asian Hindu Weddings.

With the great assistance of ‘PWE’ team the glamorous and luxurious Asian wedding they have always imagined could be brought to life. Our talented team of cultural wedding planners fully understood the pillars of their traditions and fantastically coordinated 2 outstanding events for them.
Beautifully captured by 'WedFilms' wedding videographers - cinematographers.

Namaste from New York, India & Santorini Greece!

Congratulations to the Poema Couple Nika & Asesh!