Destination Wedding in Mykonos - Alegria Private Villa Wedding Venue


Stephanie and Dominic travelled from USA to live their dream events on the Greek island of Aeolus at the center of the Cyclades complex & the Aegean sea.

Glam and high-end services are the characteristics of the famous cosmopolitan Mykonos island. Along with the whitewashed houses, the traditional footpaths and its Greek culture, it was the best place for the destination wedding & events of the couple.

Stephanie & Dominic wish that their guests would have a great experience for a week full of organized activities and different events.

A pre wedding event at their stunning private villa Alegria was the best welcome for their beloved families & guests. Between their plans there was also an entire day with Spa Services for each of their guests and a day with a group visit at the stunning Chora of Mykonos island.
Also, a trip with a boat to the archaeological island of Dilos (according to mythology the birthplace of god Apollo), was an unforgettable trip to the past and the Ancient Greece. 

Their love and loyalty along with their excitement to get married resulted into a magical wedding ceremony & reception at their beautiful wedding venue Alegria.
Walking down the aisle felt surreal, emotional and momentous for Stephanie and happy tears were shed from the beginning until the end of their ceremony.

Magical ocean view and mykonian beauty, stylish & elegant flowers in combination with unique decoration elements filled their 'Day One' and made it an unforgettable experience for couple & guests even beyond their dreams.
Beautiful photos & video from their entire week on the island were taken by the photographer 'Kontantinos Kartelias' and the cinematographers 'Scene Cinema'.

A wedding full of love with destination the magical & luxurious Greek island of Mykonos.

Our warmest Congratulations Stephanie & Dominic!