Stylish Beach Wedding Ceremony & Reception at Theros Wave Bar


Naturally in Love! A Stylish Beach Wedding

Alicia & Lukasz travelled from the UK to fulfill their dreams for a romantic & stylish beach wedding in Santorini Greece.

A wonderful couple fully & naturally in love and a wedding event surrounded with emotions & romance something we can clearly see within their beautiful wedding photos.

Their wedding ceremony & reception was held at the one of a kind wedding venue ‘Theros Wave Bar’ with a unique approach from the ‘PWE’ team to fulfill their request for a stylish beach wedding keeping always the elegance at their wedding ceremony & reception. For the first time the setting of their ceremony was  at the outside area of 'Theros' and not at the beach. The breathtaking view of Vlychada's unique cliffs and the iconic blue Aegean Sea was the perfect backdrop for this stylish beach wedding. 

They both were going for a more natural, all-green aesthetic in an attempt to make their special day feel more personal and organic.

Our beautiful Canadian bride Alicia had an amazing taste for every single detail related with the wedding.
We also love the muted ivory tones of our bride’s tulle and silk gown.

Beautiful Polish traditions and traditional games from Polland due to Lukasz region happened during their wedding reception offering their guests an unforgettable experience.

The entire day was a wonderful collaboration with the photographer Konstantinos Kartelias.

Congratulations Alicia & Lukasz!