Red = Simplicity, Purity & Candor | Santorini Hindu Wedding @ Rocabella Hotel in Imerovigli


Simplicity, Purity & Candor = Red Color

A Destination Hindu Wedding in Greece & Santorini island filled with hindu traditions, bright colors, happiness & love.

The Poema couple Priti & Ab travelled from the UK in order to celebrate their love on the beautiful Greek Cycladic island of Santorini.
We were more than happy to see their excitement to work with our team and plan their dreamed wedding in Santorini.
An outstanding Hindu wedding event filled with traditions, bright colors, excitement, happiness, love and smiles from couple & every single guest.

Bright is better at every stunning Hindu Wedding in Greece.

Hinduism is possibly the oldest religion in the world, with sacred texts estimated to date back to 3000 B.C.
Enriched with very old traditions the Hindu wedding incorporates many timeless rituals and customs.

The Hindu wedding ceremony & reception was held at the hotel Rocabella in Imerovigli village.
Our groom Ab arrived at the ceremony with an impressive procession called baraat.
Our bride Priti painted in elaborate mehndi covering her hands and feet arrived at the Indian ceremony in a stunning traditional Indian wedding sari (wedding dress). We have no words to describe her elegant & impressive solah shringar (jewelry), amazingly captured by the wedding photographer ‘Nikos Gogas’.
The Hindu wedding took place as always inside a beautifully decorated mandap.
The bride, groom & families seated around the holy fire.
The priest is directing family members to make offerings into the fire. Fire is regarded as a purifier and a sustainer of life.
Their wedding ceremony was filled with deep red roses & beautiful carnations, gold details & fabrics along with traditional elements for the Hindu ceremony.

Red signifies both sensuality and purity. In Hindu religion, the red is of maximum significance.
Red color indicates Simplicity, Purity & Candor in traditional Hindu Weddings.

Right after the ceremony the couple had a photo session with their photographer and we are definitely amazed with their brilliant & artistic wedding photos.
The wedding ceremony was followed by a wedding reception enriched with beautiful & bright red colors, dance & music until late night.

Bahut-bahut badhai to our beloved couple Priti & Ab!