Iranian Wedding Ceremony - Venetsanos Winery & Wedding Reception - Aenaon Villas


‘One by one number of your troubles should your sadness in prism garb,
unlock the doors of the dark cage and allow the doves of your dreams to fly into the open skies freely.’ – The speech of Naj’s aunt.

Our beloved couple & now friends Naj & Shaun, chose the breathtaking island of Santorini to host their wedding events in June 2012.

Naj informed our team from the very first email that she is dreaming of a dramatic style wedding.
The word ‘dramatic’ followed our 1-year email correspondence for every single detailed related to the style & decoration of this beautiful event.

Their white pre-wedding event started with a volcano sunset cruise on a wooden traditional boat (kaiki) sailing in the middle of the caldera cliffs, surrounded by Santorini’s picturesque view.

Right after sunset, the kaiki boat arrived at the unique beach of Vlychada and specifically at ‘Theros Wave Bar’, where all the guests enjoyed live bbq, drinks, music & dance under the starlight sky until late night.

Their western style ceremony was held at ‘Venetsanos Winery’ in Megalochori village. Not to forget to mention that the venue was officially closed and an exception was given for this unique thematic ceremony at the property in order to fulfill the couple’s desire to get married at the specific winery.
The winery was beautifully decorated with pomegranates, winery bottles, gold & coral details and dark red in combination with white flowers.
White Doves were released during the amazing & emotional speech of Naj’s beloved aunt.

A magical Iranian Wedding Ceremony followed at the boutique hotel ‘Aenaon Villas’ in Imerovigli Village.
The unique style & elegant architecture of 'Aenaon' was the ideal place for such a wedding event to take place.

The couple arrived at their Iranian wedding accompanied by Greek traditional musicians and wow!!! 2 different cultures & traditions became one in a minute!

Their stunning Iranian Sofreh Aghd enriched with an impressive decoration and the perfect setting of Iranian wedding traditions (nuts, sweets, sugar cubes), ancient statues, and beautiful fabrics, reflecting in a stunning gold mirror.

Their wedding reception was held around the magical infinity pool of the hotel.
Tall centerpieces with dark red, green and white flowers, filled with beautiful pomegranates, made this wedding a stunning dramatic themed event just like the dreams of our beautiful bride Naj.

The wedding cake knife dance known as Raghseh Chagoo, participated by all the bridesmaids & close friends, while the honor of the last dance was given from Naj to her wedding planner Amalia because of their very special relation.
(Cake Knife Dance: It is a Persian wedding tradition that begins the cake cutting. When the bride and groom are ready to cut the cake, they have to earn the knife. A female family member or friend will begin to dance with the knife to Persian music. The couple must offer money to the dancing friend in exchange for the knife. The dancer may act coy and take the money, only to give the knife to another woman to continue the knife dance. This will continue until one of the dancers decide that they have been won over by the given money and will give the bride and groom their cake knife in exchange).

For first time during our career we saw the bride a few seconds before the cutting of the cake, running to hug and warmly kiss her pastry chef ‘Petran Art’ since she was amazingly happy with her wedding cake as well as her aunt’s surprise birthday cake.

The couple’s first dance was also memorable!
Dancing is a big part of any Iranian wedding, and it’s common for all guests to take to the dance floor until wee hours of the morning to help celebrate the occasion.

An impressive firework show performed at both events especially at on their wedding evening when the night & Santorini’s sky were transformed into a magical explosion of colors and lights!
Couple & 80+ guests were left speechless.

This wedding was fabulously designed and planned by the Poema Team and captured (wedding photos & video) by the team of ‘Studio Phosart’.
The couple had also a fantastic photo shooting in Athens at the traditional areas of Plaka & Monastiraki and of course with the stunning view of the Acropolis.

Naj & Shaun love life… Because is the only True Adventure!

mobārak bāshé!
May it be merry!