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Wedding planner in Greece


We undertake the organization and planning of your wedding event from the very first day until the last moment; arranging the date and venue, for all parties involved, preparation of all legal documentation, decoration of the wedding venue, photography and supervision of all ceremonial details. We organize all the wedding ceremonies: civil, orthodox, catholic and symbolic weddings as well as Hindu, Jewish and any kind of culture or fusion wedding based on our couple’s culture.

Our unique proposals for your wedding are almost endless and can adapt to your special needs. Whether you dream of tradition, derive inspiration from romance, or are stimulated by extravagance, we can complement your preference.

Experience your wedding on an overhanging balcony of a wedding venue, private vila or hotel and arouse your senses with the breathtaking views & the unique architecture of the Greek islands. Picturesque churches, traditional wineries, on board a beautiful sail boat, on one of the unique beaches, all are in full view of the most famous and beautiful sunset on earth. Having Poema and the energy of Greece on your side make everything possible! All we ask from you is to relax and enjoy every moment!

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