Lebanese Civil Wedding in Santorini island - Grace Hotel Ceremony & Reception Venue


Delicate Daisy in a Fascinated Lebanese Wedding

Zeina & Pierre a Lebanese couple who became friends of us from their very first email.

A great collaboration with 2 amazing personalities. Fun, creativity, kindness, passion, professionalism were the basis of our communication via email.

We were impressed to see that within her second email to our team, Zeina knew how to use the Greek word ‘Efikton’ (Nothing Impossible) according to the name of our parent Company ‘Efikton Events’. ‘If we will feel that we will need to travel to Santorini before the wedding we will make it happen – Efikton! Zeina wrote!

Delicated daisy flowers and simple yet elegant details was the wedding inspiration of Zeina, resulted into a fascinated Lebanese Wedding in Santorini island.
Associated with innocence and whimsy, daisies are the perfect flower to brighten up a wedding!

The iconic 'Grace Hotel' in Santorini was the ideal wedding venue for them.
Picturesque white houses with the amazing architecture of the island were just the perfect backdrop for this wedding!

Their classy & stylish wedding photos & video captured by the international wedding photographer 'Thomas Gallane', are always an inspiration for the Poema Team even many years after their wedding in Santorini.

We should not forget to mention that right before their pre-wedding meeting George, Amalia, Zeina & Pierre were dancing Dabke (Lebanese traditional dance) in the meeting room of Poema office. An unforgettable moment that we will never forget!

Mabrook to the Poema Couple Zeina & Pierre!